19 December 2016

stock image libraries

: : for stock images : :

There are lots of online stock image libraries out there, here are a few of my favourites:
pexels.com (FREE)
unsplash.com (also FREE)
pixabay.com (yep, FREE)
imcreator.com/free (the name says it all FREE)
freeimages.com (you get the idea!)

This guy allows you to search 47 websites from one place: librestock.com

These guys aren't free, but their libraries are usually easier to search and generally larger which of course means more variety ... so if you have the money and specific needs, you'll most likely find what you're looking for here (and no, I don't get any kind of commission if you buy from them):

If you want to go down the rabbit hole ... take care ... and we will see you on the other side ...

Here's a list of free stock libraries from Entrepreneur Magazine ... with a bonus "Attribution and licenses explained" section: entrepreneur.com/article/238646

And another list from them: entrepreneur.com/article/237094

And here is the most overwhelming list of royalty free stock image libraries I've ever seen ... knock yourself out! web-tools.club/royalty-free-images/

UPDATE AUGUST 2017: Here's a new list from Typeform, some old favourites along with some new: typeform.com/blog/ask-awesomely/free-pics/