15 February 2010

create html email signatures in Mac Mail

: : for mac : :

  1. Create your html email signature using an HTML editor (or get Rae to create one for you!)
  2. Open Mail
  3. From the Mail menu select Preferences (⌘-,)
  4. Click on Composing and ensure Message Format: is Rich Text
  5. Click on Signatures, then click on the + sign to create a new signature (this process works best if you have only one signature, so delete any old signatures not in use)
  6. Close Mail
  7. Open Safari
  8. From the File menu select Open File (⌘-O)
  9. Open the HTML file you created or imported in Step 1
  10. From the File menu select Save As (⌘-S)
  11. In the Save As dialog box, navigate to the user Library folder on your hard drive
  12. In the Library folder, scroll down to the Mail folder, then scroll down to the Signatures folder.
  13. In the Signatures folder you should see two files: one will be a .webarchive file and the other a .plist file
  14. Click on the .webarchive file to overwrite the existing file, ensure the file format is Web Archive the click on Save
  15. Open Mail
  16. Check your Preferences (⌘-,) again to ensure the signature is connected to your mail account
  17. Check your signature is working by sending yourself a test email (if you've got a second email account, eg, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc, send yourself a test to that email as well!)