27 October 2010

embed a youtube video in your wordpress site

In YouTube:

  1. Click on the <Embed> button underneath the video
  2. Uncheck all the tick boxes
  3. Select 640 x 505 (or enter custom sizes in the Custom fields)
  4. Click on the code and copy (⌘-C)

In WordPress:
  1. Edit/create new Post/Page
  2. Paste code (⌘-P)

There's more information in YouTube help here!

14 October 2010

upload files to your website via control panel

: : for ICDHost Control Panel : :

Uploading file/files in File Manager

You can use the File Manager to upload files to your web site. You can upload both a single file or several files at a time, up to 10 files at once.

  1. Login to your Control Panel (http://yourdomain.com.au/cp) using the login details provided with your Welcome email

  2. Click on the File Manager button on the home page

    Control Panel - File Manager

  3. Navigate to the folder where you want to upload your files, by using the following:
    • Open a folder by clicking on the folder icon or on the folder name
    • Go up a level by clicking on the 'Up' button

  4. FOR A SINGLE FILE UPLOAD: scroll down to the bottom of the file list and click on the Browse.. (or Choose File) button next to the Upload File: field.

  5. Search for and double-click the file you'd like to upload from your local computer and then click on the Upload button.

  6. The upload will start and when it is finished, the screen will refresh and your new file should show up in the file list.

  7. FOR A MULTIPLE FILE UPLOAD: please use the Multi button next to the Upload File: field.

  8. You will be taken to a screen with a list of 10 file upload fields.

  9. Click on the Browse.. (or Choose File) button next to one of the top fields.

  10. Search for and double-click on the first file to upload.

  11. Repeat the above steps for each file you want to upload.

  12. Click on the Upload button when you have finished selecting files.

  13. When the upload completes the screen will refresh and you will be taken back to the file/folder list where the newly uploaded files should show up.

This tip was modified from the Suresupport Online Manual. More information can be found here

create an email account

: : for Hosting Control Panel : :

To create an email account:

  1. Login to your Control Panel using the login details provided with your Welcome email

  2. Open your web hosting Control Panel's Mail Manager section.

    Control Panel - Mail Manager

  3. Enter the username of the new account in the "Create New Account" field. Enter the password, which you would like to assign to that mailbox in the fields below.

    Create a mailbox

  4. Click on the "Add" button.

Note: For security reasons your password cannot be shorter than 6 symbols as well as it cannot be similar to the mailbox name.